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Hoping someone has a hydraulic clutch layin around for my 86 trx250r. Will cover shipping to CA or pickup in the san diego area!
Without letting the 'Cat out of the Bag'; if you can wait 4-5 weeks, BDT Motorsports has something New & Innovative, Different coming out than "a hydraulic clutch", will the same benefits + a few more and none of the negatives.... stay tuned :)


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atc n trx brake pedal. u know i live 10 mins from bdt. stop every week 2 see new goodies. order in 4 pedals. told weeks away. seen the bdt hydralic clutch answer in tests. simple n great idea. bdt rocks 250rs. :)

i have the best. bdt built engines.
bdt261 oem
bdt363 prox
bdt391 ceo
bdt431 puma

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