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Wood Ramp

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This is my buddies he made out of scrap wood. I thought he was makin one out of metal but I guess not. Doesnt look like it will really get ya off the ground much but what the hell. Ill give er a shot this summer and see how it goes. Thats a 125 next to it to compare the ramp with.
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It's not rigged :rolleyes: it's custom

on a side note good idea.
you should powder coat it.

o god i needed a good laugh
god please hide that ramp from your health insurance company! !! there gonna drop u faster than the home made gate will drop
I think I saw this on ridicoulousness?
I agree with you because wood ramp mostly have used in different types of games especially in racing and cycling,the bike rider have jumped that wood ramp and to protect himself.In European countries every body likes that games because it is interesting game as compare to another games.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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