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Will this Engine combo work?

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Will this combo work? 86 piston, 86 crank and rod, and 87-89 sleeve
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I thought it was going to be a hard one :unsure:
Please let's hear of the build, details.... Pics???
What are the pro's and cons of this setup? Anyone currently running this combo?
not me sorry..
I built the motor, put it in and it didn't start. I checked the basics like timing marks, spark, carb, compression to many times and still wouldn't start. Last thing I did was I took the reeds off to see the piston, and at BDC couldn't see the top of the it. Do I need a spacer to complete this build?
You only need a spacer when you run a long rod with a a 86 style piston.
Here is a pick at BDC. Is this good?
when you checked spark was the plug wet with fuel?
what was you compression?
what plug/gap?
From the picture everything looks good.
Seems to me the plug dosen't have fuel on it. I've checked and cleaned the carb 3 times. Any other carb advice? Compression is at 170. Spark plug gap is .03 inches, tried both NGK B8, and B9's.

Thanks for your help!!
try the plug gapped at .018-.020
& are you using the 86 stator ?
Are you getting fuel to the carb?
I am getting fuel to the carb for sure. I also cleaned the in tank filter, and varified flow from the petcock.

How do I tell what year stator I have? My R seems to have alot of mixed matched parts between the 86 and 87-89 so I am still trying to figure out what I have. When I bought it, the guy didn't know anything about it, except what it looked like. He said it was an 87. Go figure.

I will try the .018 - .020 gap and let you know.
You only need a spacer when you run a long rod with a a 86 style piston.

Yep. I've got that now. 86 piston, 88 rod, 88 jug, spacer plate. Runs good. :D
Wanted to let you guys all know I got the motor started. Upon removal of the flywheel I noticed that the flywheel key was broken. I meant to change the key to begin with so I had a new one just waiting to go in. Slapped it back together and she started up on the second kick. Thanks for the help guys.
Sorry I didn't get back to you guys sooner. I'm in the Navy, and just got off deployment.
I don't have another 250r to compare it to, but I would say it runs really f-in good.
With the combo, I am running a 86 hot rods crank and rod, .06 Wiseco, stock porting, 200 watt stator, Rick's CDI, Jannsen Motosports Supercoil, FMF fatty pipe, stock rejetted carb, V force 3 reeds, and Uni air filter.
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