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Who all's from Indiana?

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Hey i was looking for some guys to ride with this winter because it seems all my friends puss out all the time. I'm located maybe 20 miles west of Richmond Indiana. Anyone wants to get together and ride maybe at haspen sometime soon PM me.
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Not at next time!!??!
Finally someone from Indiana. LOL. I just picked my R up about 3 months ago. It's undergoing topend sergery right now though. I should have it back together by the first of the year, gotta wait on my piston to get shipped and there running slow because of the holiday's. I dont have it set up for racing yet that's gonna be my spring project, but it's in good shape and a hell of a lot of fun! I also have a 01 scraptor also but it's down to. As soon as I get something running though I will deffinitly get a hold of ya. I'd say if you love riding in general you'll love haspin, atleast when it's not muddy. I'd say with the rain and snow we've had it'll be pretty soggy for a couple weeks though. But we will have to deffinitly have to work something out in a couple weeks. It's good to know of some fellow R riders around my area.

1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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