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Where is everyone??

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Who all made it over to the new version?
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I made it!! What happened to the QOTM voting? Hannionvj and I were in the running and all of a sudden this new forum shows up! :p

hey glad to see a few of us are finding our way back on here i like some of what the new version has to offer
I was a little confused at first but made it over. I hope we didnt lose all that good info. Im in the middle of building, and planning my R and was referring to the site alot.

LOL can anyone tell me if a 89 Cr250 motor will work in a 86 R?

I have the chance to get the whole bike cheap, just planned on using the motor. Im sure i could have done a search before and found it but.....
didnt know we had to rejoin ,its gonna be a pain gettin all that info that was on the old version
folks will probably need an e-mail since most will have the forum link saved in their favorites, not the forum home page, link.

LOL can anyone tell me if a 89 Cr250 motor will work in a 86 R?
with a welder anything will work. it wont be counterballanced so youll have to deal with the vibrations. but its not a foreign idea. its also quite possible you could just bolt on the CR cylinder to your R bottom end. the powervalve wouldnt work though.

site looks good bill!
Better late then never :ph34r:
whoa im gone for a few weeks and I come back and its all new. New site is lookin good bill.
Who all made it over to the new version?
I am here .. :mellow: the greatest site ever :lol: :p
jeremy good to see you drop in, was just wondering how you were doing. you still hooked on the street bikes?
Hey guys !

Im still there too even thought I haven't touch to the R in over 8 months

Gotta love Scuba diving :p
where do you dive, various lakes and rivers? seems like you wouldnt be able to see much. ive always wanted to dive though seems like it would be a lot of fun.
Little late but i made :lol:

One of my favorite even though I didn't dive it yet,but the vid under the ice is just awsome
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1. that looks like really cool, and like a lot of fun.
2. that looks really expensive.
3. is it legal to take fish with a spear gun underwater? because there looks like there are some big ones.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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