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What is a cr500 rear end?

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Hey guys, I saw some guys running this setup.

I just wanted to know how it works? benifits? And how you go about getting it?

advantages over a normal link?

Thanks alot!
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This is a CR500 linked R.

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ok, so if it has and offset to the right, its a cr500? sry, i dont know anything about 250r at all, so whats something that i could look at or measure to know if it is or not?

Yes the cr500 is offset to the right...can you post a pic of your R and I will tell you if it's a cr500 link.

and would the valving have to be done differantly if it was?
Yes..How ever is setting the shock up would need to know this. Just post a pic of the back of the R with the plastic off and I will tell you for sure what it is.
Thats a CR500 link.. ;)
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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