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Just found out some details on this, We need to get as many people as possible to keep this going every year. Last year there was very little turn out, so this is the last chance to keep this ice circuit going.

Heres the schedule:

Jan 27th - Tupper lake

Feb 3rd - Tupper Lake

Feb 17th - Braiser Falls

Feb 24th- Braiser falls

Call rick for info:


He will be able to give directions and info!

Lets get as many people as possible!

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registration starts at 8:00
Pro Class is $40
Am Class is $25

Tether switches are necessary and nerf bars are a good idea.

they have atleast 16 inches of ice. If you have anymore questions let me know and i'll give the guy a call.

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man that sux i wish it was closer and my bikes were ready.
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