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Neil, have you ever had anyone or yourself take one of your cylinders to the strip and see what it will run just for giggles? I ran a 8.75 in 1/8th with my ESR 350 stroker and thought it should be a good bit faster. I dont really have much to compare to except a nearly piped yfz running low 9s and a radical raptor running 7.2s and a crazy banshee running 6.5s

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I cant realy say, we only do TT.

Did have a 330 a good while back, guy was running over at Roxboro NC, ran 79, 80 mph I think in a 1/8th.
He turned around & got a CT ported 350pv thought it was better, couldnt hold a lite to that 330 of mine.

Ol Freddy Sanford over at Epson NC, god o mighty, he spanked us with a dang blaster, but we dont drag race so we for sure dont have all our ducks in a row.
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