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Top End Rebuild CT 310 kit (Top End Dome Damage)

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After breaking down the top end of my 250r due to low compression and non starting, I have discovered that the top end or dome has significant damage likely due to loose debris in the engine. However after inspecting the piston and rings I was able to determine that there was no floating debris damage and just normal sings of wear and tear. There was some play with the piston and rings but the cylinder was in good shape and was able to have the local machine shop hone it and clean it up without boring the cylinder. I have also checked the bottom end as well and the CK-109 Hot Rods Crank is still in good shape with no up and down play and mild side to side play and no sign of damage. With this being the case I will likely just have to replace the Piston and Rings and the top dome that has the damage.

My question is since I already have a CT Racing 310 kit with a Long Rod Stroker Crank what size dome/top end will i need. Looking at cool heads but i am open to all recommendation's.

Current Bore size is 72.50 MM

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Oh wow, something really did chew up that dome. I'm not too familiar with the Pro-X heads, but I'm pretty sure the dome is interchangeable. Can you push the dome out of the head? If so, is there anything scribed on the dome that would suggest what size it is? Once you know what you have you should be able to order a new one from CT. Worst-case, you could send the dome back to CT and have them identify it, and then send you a new one.
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