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stroking a cr 500

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is there an advanatge to stroking a cr 500? is it worth the money?
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Oh my god, seriously, that things a tractor off the show room floor.
I guess it could be done, but just a good port job would turn it into more than a hand full to handle.
I wouldnt be surprized if one couldnt take that engine & power a small car of some type, HUMMMMMM wonder how it would do in a Legend race car.

neil, the CR500 are used in outlaw sprint car....i would not stroke it, i "think" that they actually de stroke. i remember somone telling me thst was the hot set up.
i don't think it's possible to balance a single cylinder rotating assembly throughout the whole powerband. for a certain part of it, yes(ie: low range or top end) but not from idle to peak rpm. might want to look into what rpm range crankworks is balancing it at.

and what times/mph is that 3 wuller running?
if its balanced it should be pretty smooth at any rpm range, balanced is balanced... how would you ake it more balanced at a certain rpm?? common sense would think then it would be WA off balanced at another rpm?? i could be totally wrong here..... just using my head
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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