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stroking a cr 500

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is there an advanatge to stroking a cr 500? is it worth the money?
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you can get a balanced +3mm stroker crank for a little over $400. if you are looking for the most Hp i would definately get it and the balancing will help the vibes. the only reason the sprint car cr500s are de-stroked are to get them to rev out higher. i heard of people running newer cr250 ignition and that helps out a lot to get them to rev if you are worried about that.
i already have a cr 500 in the three wheeler. this is a spare motor i'm getting ready to build. and to be honest my old atc 250r vibrates way more that my atc 500. it have a cr 250r ignition, nology coil and wire. after contacting crankworks the total will be 0 plus shipping-stroked, lighten and balanced

heres the crankworks page for crank mods
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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