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i have a 03 400ex im changing alot of stuff on. Only thing im keeping is the plastics and quadtech hold, and the long travel front end. May have burgard ST w/ peps for sale also not sure if im going to keep for my R or not

The rpm axle is 250r the rest is all 400ex

let me know if you guys are interested in anything


-- Frame PC silvervein nice $300
-- subframe PC silvervein $60
-- Air shrouds custom made $30
-- AC mudscreen bumper $30
-- Full white bros exhaust $190 nice shape
--Protaper 1 1/8 rm windham med. bend bars $30
--Ac propegs w/ all hardware $95
-- Baldwin gripper seat (black) few very small nicks in cover, soft foam $35 w/ pan and latch
--Works rear shock $135
--Rpm dominator Axle $150
--Belly skid W/ all but middle 2 clamps $30
-- Custom aluminum airbox w/ K&n filter $55
--Lsr Twin row carrier $70 SOLD
--Lonestar + 1 1/4 Swingarm PC silvervein $225
--Nacs case saver $15
--Braided front lines $25
-- custom made aluminum open airbox $35
--Aluminum airbox room for battery $50
--Wave rear brake rotor $25

not sure if selling the engine or keeping for spare yet.

(may have more aftermarket parts to add in near future, depends what i use.)

might be selling a set of burgard +2 ST w/ pep shocks the arms have the bigger lower balljoints.


Front wheels $55 pair SOLD
Front wheels $55 pair SOLD
Front wheels $55 pair
Front master cylinder w/ lever $20
Spindles $35 pair
Front hubs w/ rotors $40 pair
Complete wire harness w/ all components (cdi, coil, recitifier etc) $40
Oem gas tank w/ cap and petcock $10
Oil tank (black) w/ cooler and lines $30
Rear caliper $35
Rear master cyl, resi and lever $25
Gas tank heat sheild $5
Rear wheel hubs $30
tailight no cracks w/ wires $10
stock airbox w/ lid $20
Axle w/ sprocket hub and locknut $40
header w/ sheild $10
header w/ sheild $10
stock muffler no baffle $10
rear oem metal skid $10
steering stem $25
brake stay $5
chain and sprockets $20 fairly new SOLD
headlight switch/kill $20
Ignition switch w/ key $15
ignition switch w/ key $15
Complete wire harness w/ all but coil $30
gas tank w/ cap and petcock $10
Thumb throttle w/ cable SOLD
Carb $40
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