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Hey Neil. Finally got a chance to put in some ride time on the 350PV that belonged to your son-in-law. Runs great and haven't had any problems. We are running the ESR TRX6 pipe with it and it seems like it wants to rev high, but that pipe just won't let it. We might experiment with some other pipes, but my Dad doesn't want to loose too much low end power. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that it runs great.

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Kool, glad to hear that.
That TRX 6 & the ol CT midrange will hold the rpms down which is good on kind of tight TT tracks or MX but when you get to a long track or just want some more rpms, bolt on the TRX 5.
For even more rpms than that, try the TRX 11 inframe.
You wont loose hardly any bottom end switching to the TRX 5.
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