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Replacement Piston kit for a CT racing 310 kit

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Hello all, I finally decided to tear down the top end of my 86 250r and I found that it had alot alot of compression loss due to worn rings and piston. The good news is that the CT cylinder just needed a good hone and I can use the same size piston which is a 72.50 MM Wossiner piston. I am wondering if it is possible to switch to a different piston brand with the same size.

Any recommendation's would be great,thanks.

Also to note I am running a CK-109 Hot Rods Crank as well
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Call Arlan at LED Performance Engines.....tell him your EXACT bore size and he can tell you if one of the WISECO pistons he has in stock will work. :)
^^Agreed. Arlan has the piston for your needs.
Just make sure your getting correct piston dome to match head
6 numbers on head will tell u bore dome angle and compression
Ct has piston usually right in stock and gonna make sure u have right setup cause at least 3 different pistons with different domes
I have a CT pv 350 engine. My experience tells me to reach out to Allen Knowles. I'd suggest sending him the cylinder and head for updating. I've never had issues with his work
Last time I tried to buy the 310 piston, CT told me that bore size wasn't offered anymore by Weisco and you had to go up one bore. Thats been 2-3 months ago.
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