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Questions! Help Please!

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Well, i thought my quad was running perfect. But i was wrong. Took it to the coast and the top of head, there is a adapter were a coolent hose connects, i was riding it and i was torking it in 3rd, and the thing blew right off and coolant went everywhere. I have a BOG soon as i try to hit the powerband in 4th. And it OVERHEATS really bad(autozone 50/50 antifreeze and coolant), Anyone Know Wat i can do to fix any of these problems? It has a cr250 head and new top end.​
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sounds like its lean fuel mixture need way more info on bike to get any help, carb,jets ,pipe, air box lid cyl size compression fuel type ignition cr stock please go read the post called jetting data base its a great profile an get back to us so we can help you. mark
20:1 Yamalube 2r. 80main 48 pilot, Kehin PJ 37mm(bored from a stock pj) Fatty FMF Pipe, Air box eliminator kit.
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