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Project R I recently aquired

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Just thought i post up a few pics of the 86 project i picked up a few weeks ago. Its my first 250R so im pretty amped about building it up

Its pretty much all stock from what i can tell (havent been inside motor) other than fmf exhaust.

Im planning to build a solid Xc bike out of it, but on a limited budget. So frame and a few other things probably staying stock for now...

Hope to get started on it this winter a little and finish up by mid summer if i have the extra $$. Now im just researching what will be a good low end setup, yet reliable. good suspension decently priced etc.

Think im going to go w/ a blue and black color scheme or all black maybe.

Ill get some pics as i go along.

Any suggestions on a good Xc setup feel free to chime in. I was thinking of trying to find a nice longrod motor for now (because id like to have a spare anyway) then rebuilding my 86 w/ oem longrod crank, good lowend porting and pipe etc.
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Cracks ???

like theses ?

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