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So some of you have seen my post about getting the 250r from a close family friend and what it meant to me. I used to follow this 250r around Glamis when I was a kid and bought it from the 2nd owner who has owned it since 1990. Top and bottom end was rebuilt in 2007…. Ram up and down his street to warm it up and then parked for 15 years. He contacted me letting me know he was selling it. I swooped on it, changed all the fluids, replaced tires, chain, rear brake master cylinder, and rebuilt and rejected the carb. It runs like a dream with no leaks. That being said, I might be selling it due to it not being practical for the family. We are looking at doing a 4 seat RZR and won’t have room in the trailer to haul this beauty along. What would you fellas say it’s worth at this point? It’s almost completely stock except for the bars, new tires, and FMF slip on silencer. I even have an extra set of factory front wheels with stock tires still on them.


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