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pilot jet for dri 265pv?

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does any one think a 55 pilot jet is way to rich for a 265 dri pv? (86 short rod, 38 a/s,195 main, dgh needle, air box elimanater, lrd pipe, 200 psi comp, 32:1 927 castor) the reason i ask is i have a 52 pilot currantly but i have to adjust the air screw to 1/2 turn out just to be able to to leave the line with out bogging or dumping clutch.
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I know I started with a 55 pilot and couldn't get mine to idle. Went all the way down to a 48 and can now back out the idle screw a little and air screw is 2 turns out. Imo I would say a 55 is to rich.
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