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New to the site, have not sold, bought, or posted anything before. Tore the r down a couple weeks ago lookin to get rid of some parts. I looked on ebay and other websites to find what everyone else was selling these parts for so if you think the prices are unreasonable shoot me an offer. All prices do not include shipping.

Full Flight +2+1 A arms ($250)
*all joints in good shape, comes with all bolts, nuts, everything.
*couple nicks where paint is missing but straight only 5 rides on them
Wood Electrical wiring

Lrd Exhaust ($250)
*in great condition
*no cracks, maybe 1 or 2 tiny dents, no deep scratches
Automotive exhaust Auto part Exhaust system Muffler Pipe

Ignition ($200)
*works, no known problems
Auto part Wire Electrical wiring Technology Electronic device

450r front shocks ($225)
*guy i got them from said they were revalved for 200ish pound rider
*great shape no know problems
Suspension part Shock absorber Auto part Suspension Coil spring

86 Swing arm and linkage ($150)
*chain guards, pivot bolt, bushings, ect
*swinger in great shape, could use some paint
* would need new bearings
*carrier not included
Metalworking hand tool Tool Cutting tool Auto part Suspension
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More Parts

Carb with throttle cable ($75)
*not sure of carb size or what jets are in it
*does work and has no know problems
Wire Technology Electronic device
Auto part Metal

Stock rear shock ($100)
*No known problems
Suspension part Auto part Suspension

Bysen reed cage and reeds ($65)
*could be wrong but if i remember correctly thats who makes it
*small chip on end of reed, no cracks
Auto part
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Are the a arms long travel. And is the ignition system the cr250?
Hey russ if they are long travel a arms ill buy them l
a arms are standard travel and stock ignition. sorry
Lrd is it a big bore and those 450 shocks don't look like revalves
would you text me please i want the topend. 812 564 8099 ty.
the lrd exhaust part number is LS07350B, im not sure if it a big bore. is there a way i can tell? i looked part number up online couldnt find anything. the shocks im not sure about, the guy i bought the quad off of said he sent the shocks in and had them set up for a 200lb rider.
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