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I'm just finishing a 10 year project of building a 88R with as many nos parts as possible. Along the way, buying box lots I amassed many duplicate parts or parts I could not use. Please check the part numbers to see if my info is correct. I would ask that you pay postage from 18036 Pa. You can e-mail me at [email protected] for photos. My e-bay rating is 100% (250rss)

NOS parts in sealed bags

Part #QtyDescriptionModelsPrice/eachObsolete?
15611-381-0001oil filler cap81-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $3.00
15772-500-0101breather tube clip

16223-KA3-7401insulator- carb band clamp85-86 ATC86-7 $6.50
16953-HB9-0051fuel petcock lever
86-7-8-9 $11.00NA
17217-HB9-7702air box lid
86-7-8-9- $80.00NA
17224-HB3-0001air box drain tube
87 $14.00NA
17227-HA5-6701air box drain tube
86 $10.00NA
17227-HC0-0001air box drain tube
88-9 $3.00
17256-HB9-0002air box to tube band clamp
86-7-8-9 $22.00NA
17257-HA0-0001tube to carb band clamp
86-7-8-9 $3.00
17506-HB9-7704fuel tank setting rubber
88-89 $15.00NA
17512-HB9-0001fuel tank mounting rubber
86-7-8-9 $4.00
17514-HB9-0004fuel tank mounting rubber
86-7-8-9 $5.00NA
17515-HB9-7701fuel tank spacer
88-9 $10.00NA
17910-964-0001throttle cable83-4 ATC
18332-430-7001exhuast pipe spring81-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $6.00
18352-HA2-0102exhaust gasket85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $3.00
18358-HA2-0002exhaust ring85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $6.00
18359-961-0001exhaust hanger81-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $30.00

19038-HB9-0001rubber splash guard85-6 ATC86 $40.00NA
86-8-9 $3.00
19062-HB9-7701radiator hose
88-9 $50.00NA
23812-HA2-0001guide case saver85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $50.00NA
24435-HB9-0001gear shift drum spring85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $8.00NA
28223-HA2-0131kick start spring85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $8.00NA
28224-HA2-0101kick start spring holder85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $9.00NA
28261-HA2-0001kick start return spring85-686-7-8-9 $25.00NA
28282-HA2-0001kick start spring collar85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $10.00NA
28283-HA2-0001kick start collar85-6 ATC86-7 $12.00NA
32111-323-0001wire clampATC
33712-KT1-6702rubber grommet handle bar cover
87-8-9 $2.00
33715-965-0002rear brake master grommet85-6 ATC85-6 ATC $2.00
43107-HA2-0161rear brake piston85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $35.00NA
43108-HA2-0161rear brake piston85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $40.00NA
43127-HB9-0002axle bolt anti fade
86-7-8-9 $40.00NA
43311-HB9-7701rear brake hose clamp
88-9 $3.00
43352-568-0033brake bleeder screw


43361-961-0061rear parking shaft82-5-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $7.00
43520-MB2-3051rear master cyl. piston set
86-7-8-9 $24.00
45107-MG3-0164front brake caliper piston85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $18.00
45108-HB9-0061front brake caliper spring pad
86-7-8-9 $12.00NA
45108-MY1-0062front brake caliper spring pad
86-7-8-9 $5.00
45109-GE2-0067front brake caliper dust seal86 ATC86-7-8-9 $2.00
45111-MA3-0061rear brake caliper sleeve85-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $5.00
45112-HA5-6712front brake caliper retainer
86-7-8-9 $3.00
45126-HB9-7711upper front brake hose
88-89 $75.00NA
45131-166-0163front brake caliper bolt pin
86-7-8-9 $3.00
45131-HA5-6722front brake caliper bolt pin
86-7-8-9 $6.50
45131-MG3-0061rear brake caliper bolt pin85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $7.00
45132-166-0162front caliper pin boot
86-7-8-9 $2.00
45133-166-0162rear caliper pin boot
86-7-8-9 $1.00
45133-MA3-0063front caliper pin boot
86-7-8-9 $2.00
45134-GE3-6011front caliper dust plug83-84 ATC
451A0-HB9-6702front brake pad kit
86-7-8-9 $33.00
45203-MG3-0164front or rear brake caliper pin plug85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $2.00
45209-GE2-0066front or rear caliper piston seal85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $3.00
45215-GE2-0161front brake caliper hanger pin85-86 ATC
45215-HA5-6722front brake caliper hanger pin
86-7-8-9 $5.00
45215-KA3-7322rear brake caliper hanger pin85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $4.50
45262-HB9-7701left front caliper protector
88-89 $40.00NA
45504-410-0031front master cyl. Boot

45510-HN1-0062front master cyl assembly--one bag opened400EX
45517-961-0001front master cyl. Clamp81-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $18.00NA
46182-500-0131rear master cyl. circlip
86-7-8-9 $1.00
46184-611-0001rear master parking brake dust seal82-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $5.00
46472-568-0006brake line sealing washer

50715-ML4-0001plate (washer) at rear brake pedal
88-89 $1.00
51203-HA7-6701front brake hose clamp
86-7-8-9 $3.00
51393-HB9-6704ring stopper front A-Arm
87-8-9 $2.00
51394-HB9-67015collar front A-Arm
87-8-9 $5.00
52109-430-3002pivot thrust bushing

52109-HB9-7702pivot bushing swingarm (52109-HB9-771)
88-89 $10.00

52144-HA2-0056swing arm bolt dust seal85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $5.00
52175-HB9-7711lower chain slider
88-89 $80.00NA
52422-ME9-0032front shock spring adjuster
88-89 $30.00NA
52452-KB7-0032front shock bushing
86-7-8-9 $7.00
52486-KB7-0031front shock bushing collar
86-7-8-9 $6.00
53133-kb4-0002rubber grommet fender stay/ air shrouds
86-7-8-9 $1.00
53141-HB9-7701thumb thottle case cover
88-89 $40.00NA

53157-HB9-0032tie rod end RH
86-7-8-9 $40.00
53157-HN1-0031 tie rod end RH400EX
53158-HN1-0031 tie rod end LH400EX
53172-961-0001left handle bar bracket81-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $50.00NA
53175-HM3-0001front brake lever400 EX
53176-HC0-6711front brake lever cover400 EX
53204-HB5-6701collar handle bar cover
87-8-9 $5.00

77207-HA0-0002rubber seat mounting cushion
88-89 $3.00
80114-MC7-0003collar for rubber strip on fuel tank
86-87 $2.00
90101-KT1-7801bolt for kicker
88-89 $1.00
90111-187-0001flange bolt front fender-- etc

90150-MK2-7705A-Arm flange bolt
87-88-89 $4.00
90304-GE8-003110mm nut

90307-HA2-0001anti fade lock nut85-86 ATC88-89 $10.00
90308-HB9-0002anti fade nut85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $9.00
90321-315-6701adjusting nut for cables

90322-HB9-7706screw front fender
88-89 $7.00NA
90401-HA2-0001thrust washer on kick start spindel85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $28.00NA
90503-964-0001flat washer inside thumb throtle case85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $4.00NA

91053-HC4-0001front wheel bearing
88-89 $9.00
91071-MA0-0034swing arm bearing85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $15.00
91077-HB9-6722A-Arm bearing
87-8-9 $17.00
91212-422-0061o-ring rear master
86-7-8-9 $1.00
91262-KV3-8311dust seal

91265-HB9-67121 A-Arm dust seal
87-8-9 $1.00
91266-964-6721grease seal rear linkage84-5-6 ATC86-7-8-9 $8.00NA
91301-PC9-0031o-ring radiator overflow bottle85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $1.00
91302-MS2-0034rear axle o-ring86 ATC86-7-8-9 $1.50
91303-800-0001o-ring oil filler82-3-4-5-686-7-8-9 $1.00
91351-737-7521swing arm o-ring86 ATC86-7-8-9 $2.00
91351-HA2-0051o-ring rear brake hub85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $1.00
91353-HA2-6702o-ring axle bearing holder86 ATC86-7-8-9 $3.00
91358-964-0061o-ring rear brake caliper83-4-5-686-7-8-9 $1.00
91406-657-6712wire harness clip for frame

93500-04006-0H24x6 pan head fuel valve
86-7-8-9 $0.25
93500-040200A24x20 pan head

93500-04025-0G14x25 pan [email protected] air box band clamp

93500-05016-0G25x16 pan head

93500-06020-0H26x20 pan head handle bar cover
88-89 $0.25
93600-04012-0G24x12 flat head front master cyl. Cap
86-7-8-9 $0.25
93600-04030-1A14x30 flat head rear master cyl. Cap
86-7-8-9 $0.25
93893-04012-0714x12 pan head rear master cyl
88-89 $0.25
94002-08000-0S28mm nut rear master cyl85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $0.25
94050-0800048mm flange nut front fender/rear axle
86-7-8-9 $0.25
94050-10000110mm flange nut frame/cyl. Head
86-7-8-9 $0.50
95002-020703tube clip @ carb
86-7-8-9 $0.50
95002-021201fuel line clip85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $0.50
95002-700001tube clip @ radiator85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $0.50
95003-19001-10M1vinyl hose radiator overflow tank
86-7-8-9 $1.00
95018-642501band clamp83-4-5-686-7-8-9 $5.00
95701-06022-0016x22 flange bolt foot/ heel guard
89 $0.50
96201-100001grease fitting rear linkage
86-7-8-9 $0.50
96300-06025-0026x25 flange bolt misc./ air box 88-89
86-7-8-9 $0.50
96300-08028-0048x28 flange bolt exhaust hanger85-86 ATC86-7-8-9 $0.50
96300-08045-0018x45 flange bolt @ frame
86-7-8-9 $0.50
96400-08075-0028x75 flange bolt @ chain roller
87-8-9 $0.75
96400-10050-00110x50 flange bolt frame/ front shock
86-7-8-9 $0.50
96700-08032-1038x32 socket bolt swing arm
88-9 $0.50

Misc Parts NOS not in sealed bags

77101-hb9-770zanos88-89 seat cover nos- open bag- stains

17253-hb9-670used87-8-9 air cleaner tube used
NA $50.00

17620-ha2-830usedfuel tank cap
NA $20.00




33700-hc0-770used tail light lens only


51220-hb9-770nos88-89 left knuckle
19501-ha2-000usedcoolant hose off water pump
NA $7.00
51350-hb9-670nos87 right A-Arm
16210-ha2-770usedcarb insulator

43455-hb9-000usedparking brake cable 88-89
NA $20.00

left caliper body new powdercoat
NA 50 set
left caliper bracket new powdercoat

right caliper body new powdercoat
NA 50 set
right caliper bracket new powdercoat

muffler guard new powdercoat
NA $45.00
rear brake pedal new powdercoat
NA $35.00
right foot peg 88-89 new powdercoat
NA 65 set
left foot peg 88-89 new powdercoat

43360-ha2-006nos3 pcs parking brake two new/ one used
NA 35 &15
50254-hb9-770used2pcs hose guide for rear shock res.
NA $5.00
rear brake line clamp on swingarm new chrome


usedrear brake master cyl. Body


newbrake rod joint
NA $2.00
43530-hb9-006usedmaster cyl. push rod new chrome
NA $2.00
chromed wishbone
NA $50.00
43110-hb9-771nosrear brake cal. bracket
NA $75.00
43110-hb9-771used rear brake cal. bracket
NA 10
90308-hb9-000nosaxle anti fade nut

19037-ka4-701usedradiator cap

90121-hb9-770usedlinkage bolt with grease fitting
NA $17.00

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I bought some stuff from him when he posted and when I contacted him a few months back everything was gone.if your doing a restoration I have nos brake and clutch levers as well as a gear shifter.all new in the Honda packages..
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