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NJ ,..what a freindly place to live LMAO!!

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copied from another site ........

Originally posted by [email protected]
There’s a bill in the New Jersey Assembly called A-4172 that if passed will in effect put every Motorcycle and ATV shop out of business in New Jersey.

If this is bill is passed... no-one and I mean NO-ONE is going to want to buy an Off-Highway Vehicle for fear of loosing their license for up to 2 years.

If this bill gets passed it will be the end of any off-road riding in New Jersey!!!!!

Click ON ALL THREE LINKS and it will automatically email a letter to every Assemblyman in the New Jersey General Assembly telling them that you are opposed to Assembly Bill A-4172!:
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I replied to them, furthermore, there is almost no where to ride in NJ. Njorvp(crapy and closed in 9/08), Atco(tuesday, friday nights), Raceway park(closed almost half the weekends, due to some event at the raceway), and Finally that track that is $1200/yr and you need another member with you when you go there). Your own property/permission on somebody elses is the last option, not too many apply to this. Every other place is illegal in NJ, almost 1/2 of the riding I do there is illegal and my other riding is done in state forests and WMA and you need a plated/reg/ins vehicle to ride there. I have 2 bikes such as that and just about all my illegal is done on them. I ride alot on my friend's property, he's building sick mx track. It started as kinda a mx/xc course, that I liked better in aspects.
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;) ..count Atco out,........ its closing down !!!
;) ..count Atco out,........ its closing down !!!

No, its not. I know the guy who is running the track. He is having problems with district 6, his partner is no longer involved. It will be re-opening ~march 08 w/ many changes and so Kevin says, good ones.
hmmm ...nothing here about it
^read 1st & 4th posts...seems to confirm the closing or at least no racing .."D-6 points" username is Patti Toth ..the current D-6 representative
seeing is beleiving ,...when its up & running I will beleive it then ;)
I will probably learn more 1/12/08 @ the D-6 banquet/awards night when the lil ripper receives her awards for this year racing
all of my riding in dirty jerz is illegal

been there done that!...wont again ,,,pine barrens,sarco,manhawkin,etc etc ...just no fun to think your quad or automobile could be impounded ..or worst ,.. you in jail :rolleyes:
not that kind of illegal. just saying where we ride and all that even though we have permission.

Yeah im in Jersey too, were do you guys ride..Im down in Ocean County...ride at local pits..chatsworth etc. I heard they might be scouting a new offroad park down in my county. I believe it was in the article when they stated that they were moving Chatsworth to South jersey.
Yea i know same here all my riding is illegal anyways =]..I have some pits by me like Sarcos which is in the town over from me (im in Toms River BTW) also In jackson there is a place called "claytons"...there is another spot up in lacey i believe its called crystal lake too
im right up by the PA border, between milford and frenchtown, in holland

if ATCO never runs again ,...that means my daughter was at the last race & she raced 2 classes at it ,..on 11/28/07 , she was 4th in 1 class & won the other ;)
theres nowere in jersey we were riding behind my buddies house and ended up running into the"high and mighty" park police he must of been asleep or something because me and my buddy on our loud a$$ quads managed to sneek by him unseen. but we used to run off rt24 in chatham and the cops did'nt care but as good things always do that got shut down. then there was chatsworth worst 50$ bucks i ever spent. the only thing we got goin is the atlantic grand prix which runs in south jersey but with the new 99db rule that ones starting to get tough
englishtown still has races ..

if ya live in NJ & wanna ride/race quads or bikes ..theres an answer ...

MOVE to PA !!! :lol:
Damn that sucks,
haha dont know why ... but when I think of friggin retarded NJ laws can be ..I think of how you can not pump your gas ...someone must do it for you ..lmao !!

once you leave NJ ....your are free to pump your own almost everywhere else :eek:
feel sorry for guys paying all those taxes & living with those F*%ked up laws !!!
give you guys an update: Atco is re-opening, Kevin wants nothing to do with d6. Tuesday and friday night practice and every sat/sun there isn't a gnc, gncc, of just about any race in the area that d6 is holding, he will have a race that weekend. Its looking very promising.
actually he missed the deadline for being part of D-6 schedule for 08
.. I got money on he tries to be part of D-6 in '09 because it makes MONEY!! :D
.......seeing 's beleiving ;)
honestly for the riders/racers in the NJ area I hope he does open again
& I have to be honest ,we wont miss going there for racing this year 1 bit !!!
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