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New to the modded R so I figured this was a good place for a little help. I'm sure my question has been here before. I am new here so please forgive me. I have tried to pm a few of you but I have to start here. So.... Picked an 86 R up. Was told it was a "fresh rebuild on standard bore" However, it would not start. Got it cheap. I took it apart to find it wasn't stock. It was a 72mm sleeve. And a 2mm spacer. Again new to an R with any mods. I got another piston for an 86 short rod with 72mm bore from LA Sleeve and installed to be sure of what I had. I've split the case 4 times to go through and see if I missed anything. My issue is it will not rev on top. New pwk40 50 pilot went all the way to a 400 main from one my zillas with no change to plug read or from high mid to top end. Shuts off like it's out of fuel. Idles great, starts first or second kick hot or cold. Can do down the road like a 4stroke all day. Also has an 02 cr250 ignition swap. Any suggestions or specs to check to see whats going on or see what's been milled would be greatly appreciated.
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