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i found this fixer upper over in atlanta a couple weeks ago. it is in fairly good shape but, deffinately needed some TLC. had to freshin up the engine(inckuding all seals), replace ball joints and a-arm bushings, replace a front spindle, rebuild the wiring harness(where most everything had been removed, including the switch cluster), fab up some lighting, replace the reed cage and replace all bearings to include the swinger, front wheel and stem. future plans are to get a set of fenders, rad valve, seat cover, grab bar, front bumper and locate another (virgin)OEM cylinder and have neil to do his magic to it since i liked his last cylinder he ported for me. ;)

the mods include: (as was when purchased)

8 over stock ported cylinder
sparks mx pipe
lrd silencer
FMF ram valve with missing insert
38mm pwk carb
hinson advance plate

burgard +1 anti vibe
lsr 7/8 clamp
renthel bars
dean sundahl +2 +1
works triple rate fronts
peps rear
anti fade
+2 +4 axle (lonestar i think)

a/c nerfs
clarke 4 gal tank
stk frame
swing arm polished
8 inch beadlocks
red label fronts
ss brake lines
case saver k-k
beatup aftermarket fenders


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Looking good.
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