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New old Project

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Hello everyone, as I introduced myself yesterday, I have been working with this project for 18 years and now I am going back to it again ... The first thing I need to know, because I am unable to remember if it is standard link or cr 500 link. Can you help me? I need to know to buy the swingarm
Thanks, David!!!!!
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It's a standard link. Cr500 links are offset and I don't believe LRD made an aluminum frame with a cr500 setup
Thanks so much....
So, what is this? What is it for?
I saw in a Spain magazine 2004 this from Bill Lanphier and don't use too....
Thanks, David


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The picture of Bills bike looks to be using an offset shock, but without the cr500 linkage. The bracket you are showing is for standard 250r linkage
Cool build I've always wanted one of them frames!
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Ok, let me see if I understand ...
In this frame I can mount standard swingarm with the original rods in the part that I round or I can order a swingarm no link and mount it directly as in the photo of Bill's quad ...
It is right?
What is the best option in your opinion?
Do you have any link or photo where I can see the cr500 link system in the trx?
Thank you!!!!!!!
Standard link
U can do no link just uses shorter shock than no link frame
Sick frame🍻 now finish that bad SOB and let me ride it☠ Very nice build Sir
I’m curious now. How is the aluminum frame compare to steel? It certainly looks beastie. 💪🍻
I really don't know... I read LRD frame in 14 stronger than steel and 3kgs lighter, but I really don't know...

For my way of driving I have plenty with a blaster but I fell in love:love:with this quad since I was 14 years old ... Now I'm 45 :):)
Can your

Can you recommend a swingarm for this frame? I have contacted Laegers but I do not know if they manufacture even for this

I don't have the brake calipers. Do you know if I can use TRX 450r or YFZ 450 brake calipers? Where can I get these pieces? They do not appear on the Laegers website
Thanks, David




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Anybody can help me, please?
Thanks, David
You would need 400ex spindles to run yfz brakes. I don't think the laeger spindle will accept yfz brakes

Can someone help me with the swingarm? I need an urgent one and it is worth new or used, but I would like it to be NO LINK

Thanks, David
That swingarm won't work, it's got an offset shock position for mounting a Laeger cR500 link frame. I would skip the No-link since you are in spain. You likely won't find a good one or anybody to ship it. Just go with a Stock aluminum 88/89. As far as your brakes - Laeger made spindles that use 250R and 400ex brakes. If it's 250R, find some used calipers, if it's 400ex, go for the yfz since they bolt up to 400ex and have dual piston. I don't have any 400ex so I can't tell you if that is a 400ex measurement.
Thanks, finally I bought one like this, here in Europe...
Can help me withs shocks? I like fox without spring.... How is the correct length for Laegers portray and XC?
Thanks, David
Hello everyone, after almost two years without doing much to the quad I have taken it up again with the idea of finishing it this year already.....
I am enclosing some photos and I would appreciate your help with the shock absorbers... I want to buy some front foxes and I would like to know what the ideal size is---17" maybe?
Thank you!!
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Very nice!

Is that a Laeger ProTrax front end? And a no-link swingarm?

Your best bet would be to call Fox (or any other shock manufacturer) and/or the a-arm and swingarm manufacturer to see what they would recommend. Alternatively, you could ask the shock manufacturer was measurements they need to build the correct length shocks, typically shocks removed with frame 1.5” off the ground and then with the frame 12” off the ground. Note that this process would be used to determine both the front and rear shock lengths.

For some reason, 19.25” sticks out in my memory for long travel Laeger, but you will want to have that confirmed.
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