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Well, pretty much like the title states; I'm new to the site and this is my first 250r. Shoot, its my first 2-stroke. :D Been in love with that sound and smell ever since I got roosted hard at the dunes. Huge difference coming from my Warrior.

I acquired a 1987 TRX250R for $1,500, which I though was pretty good. A little rough around the edges, and in need of a little TLC, but is completely rideable.
Came with:
- Full ESR TRX5 centermount exhaust (new)
- 39mm Keihn carb w/ K&N (new)
- Boyseen Reeds (new)
- Port and polish on cylinder and jug
- Maier race front plastics
- Flame seat cover (new)
- *********** Racing piggyback shocks (being rebuilt) on 1989 A-Arms
- *********** Racing rear shock w/ remote reservoir
- ITP beadlocks front and rear, w/ Kenda Dominators on rear
- Sand shark tires on Douglas .160 rims
- AC grab bar
- DG bumper
- 909 bars
- Aluminum air scoops

It's a little on the rough side, (plastics are beat up) but the motor is fresh, and pulls ridiculously strong when the powerband hits; completely different from the linear power of the Warrior.

Put on some stuff this weekend:
- Renthal Gold Chain w/ 13/39 sprockets
- Complete bolt kit
- Scotts hurricane grips
- Streamline brake pads all the way around.
- Breather tube for tank
- Coolant reservoir
- Rock e-brake block off
- Rear hubs off of an 1985 ATC250R
- Modquad case-saver
- Modquad 5/16" quick-release flag whip mount
- Shockcovers all the way around
- Swingarm stickers

Still to do:
- Needs new rear plastics (ordered)
- Mount ITP Sand Stars onto beadlocks
- Ricky Stator headlights
- Tail light

This is how she sits as of now:


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Thanks. I really am looking forward to opening it up at the dunes; screwing around in a field just doesn't cut it. Just from the short experience I've had I am absolutely in love with this thing. Have the lights on order and hope to get them by this weekend. Always love getting a new project.

Any particular grit you would recommend? I know you usually start off with a coarser grit and then work you way to a finer grit making sure to keep the plastic wet.

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First off, welcome to the site. Second, congratulations on an absolute steal of a deal (in my opinion). I bought a similar looking R for a similar price in similar condition, but I didn't get all the wonderful extras.

My fuel tank was like yours...that is after I scraped all the rattle-can black spray paint off of it.

Get ready to can scrape that oxidation off with the edge of a nickel/dime/quarter (much like a scratch-off lottery ticket), leaving a pretty decent finish. You can then either wax it (Turtle Wax "Color Back" wax is good) or lightly sand with a fine grit sanding sponge, and then wax. Will turn out great. I told you that you'd laugh.

I've even bead-blasted these plastic tanks before...move quick and it works pretty good for removing old paint. Also, if you wanted to shave the rear fenders, they might still be worth a few bucks to a drag racer.

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Sweet! Sounds like I should be able to polish up that tank fairly easy. I was planning on stripping the whole thing apart and repainting the frame, but I think it would be better to powdercoat it. But, I don't want to wait that long to get out there and ride it. So the main objective is to fix it up to go out and play! :)
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