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Never used Wiseco clutch equipment

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So I just bought all brand new clutch equipment for my quad. While rebuilding, I found things wrong with the engine that were going to be more expensive to fix than it would be to just put in a new engine (I found a fully rebuilt 87 500 motor for $600 so im just going to put that in). so heres the items im selling (pretty much anything in the engine except for center case because theres a hole which is why im replacing it)

Brand new wiseco clutch basket with gear already on it and screws pined over: $200
Brand new wiseco clutch springs: $15
Brand new wiseco friction plates: $75
Left case: make an offer
Right case with water pump shaft, seal, and bearing just replaced with brand new wiseco gasket (parts and labor for all the brand new stuff cost $100): $200
Anything else, make an offer

EDIT: nevermind, decided not to sell these and fix my engine as nothing major was wrong.


ps: thanks in advance. this is my first time selling over this site and all the money will really help
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also, i am from flint, Michigan. i will post pics tomorrow
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