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Well Ive been sitting on my 88 roller project for at least a year and a half and its about damn time I start gathering parts. Theres a ton of stuff I need so ill probably be adding to this as things come to mind.
So lets start

1. motor, prefer just a bottom end with electronics, also prefer 88-89, but thats not so important.
3. gas tank hardware, or a whole tank with all the hardware.
4. fender hardware (mostly just the support brackets)
5. 19.25" long travel front shocks
6. aftermarket rear shock
7. ESR TRX5 pipe
8. Hiper beadlocks prefer red ring, size isnt all that important.
9.88-89 seat pan with foam. If theres a cover, condition isnt important.
10. +2 axle
and really any other parts I might be interested in.

Please help me out. You can email me at [email protected] or even call if you would like. (email or PM for #)

If it matters I have been on for a few years...s/n Creech52
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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