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Hi All,

First post here, I am new to the TRX crew but not new to atvs and 2 strokes.

I am helping a friend get his 87TRX 250r that he has had since he was a kid (dad bought it new back in the day). It's now been sitting for at least 10yrs and needs a whole lot of work. I am looking for parts, I don't think it matters to him if they are oem or aftermarket... I think he just wants to ride it and have it for his son to ride.

In need of the following so far

Front suspension (dampeners are shot and it seems it would be a pain to rebuild?)
Rear suspension (can also rebuild)
Ignition coil
Rear end bearing assembly
Carb Boot
Reed box

Also all of the hoses, lines, tires etc. from a bike that has been sitting but that I can order online!

Thanks guys and let me know if you have any parts!
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