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need a few misc peices

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have the quad all apart, and before I can put it all back together I need the bolt for the swingarm,the steering stem bearing ,
and I know theres something Im forgetting so I will update this later tonight
anyone know where to get the deal
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Hollink in Spencerport has a really good parts deprtment too. Im always suprised what they have in stock. In fact they had a swingarm bolt I needed in stock once.
400ex swinger bolts are only 30 bucks. They are identical to size to the 250r. I cant say if they are the same material or not, but the 400ex bolt never broke on me, the 250R one did.
I had a thought on that but wasnt sure, thanks for the info , where are they 30 at hollinks or online

I got it for that at hollink.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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