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1 Trail riding season 5-6 rides (No track time or racing) on fully rebuilt motor, suspension, frame(fresh powder) and bearings.


EMAIL [email protected] OR PM ME FOR MORE DETAILS or call Marc 585-309-2756.

Laeger Narrow (black powder coated last spring)
Flip to Laeger chromed subframe
Chrome Cr500 link Leager swing arm with custom axis shock
Chrome Burgard +3 A-Arms
Rebuilt works dual rate front shocks.
Propeg nerfs
Black fullbore plastic
265 Power Valve Nik cylinder
Ported by FTZ (Top notch MX port job)
OEM crank and all new bearings July 07
Rebuilt counterbalancer July 07
New piston and rings July 07
Procross head (race dome)
Cr ignition
1 set of ITP XC tires and a beat up set of ITP MX tires
909 fat bars
Sparks MX exhaust
New gripper seat cover
38mm airstryker carb
Pro design teather.

Spare stock frame
Spare plastics
Spare non PV FTZ forted Cylinder
Spare uni filter
spare tires
spare clutch cover
spare stator
spare stator cover
internal gear set
Oem clutch basket like new with new plates.
Maier race cut plastics
Other parts too these are just off the top of my head

$3500 with out spare parts

$3900 with spare parts

Prices are FIRM!



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Ive ridden this quad. It is FAST, and does indeed have low hours on it.

Thanks Rebel Some one just needs to show the cash to have this great machine. $3500 I'm giving it away with what I have into it!

keep the trails wide rebel I may have to ride the r with you guys if it doesn't sell soon.

Lots of interest just waiting for someone to show the $$$$$$
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