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My first quad build Trx250r

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New to the forum and will be building my first quad to use as a backup bike / all around play bike for the desert, mountains and sand-dunes for the wife and I. I currently ride a Ktm 300xc and wife rides a kx100 and it’s not ideal to use in sand not enough torque, small wheels and short wheel base. A week ago I picked up 2 86trx250rs pretty much complete. One with a hacked up frame and blown motor and one with an ok frame and running motor.
Running motor had 180psi compression and leak down test was performed. The jugs Base gasket had a small leak so after removal it appeared the piston had signs of a slight cold seize at one point in its life. End goal is to have an easy and comfortable bike to ride with a broad power band. So I stripped the good frame and found some repairs to make after it gets sand blasted.
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The airbox looks good! Glad your shocks are finally coming… I know how long you’ve been waiting on them. That’s really bizarre on your engine temps - I’ve never heard of anyone running too cold like this before.
Awesome! How do the Motowoz ride? I can’t wait to get some seat time on mine.

That pipe looks like a CT Midrange, possibly an earlier version, or is at least very similar. You should try it and see how it compares to the FMF. It may give you the additional bottom end you’re looking for.

The bolt kits are nice, but they’re not perfect. I’ve found that I could use most of them, but there’s a few specialty bolts like the linkage bolt you posted where they’re not a fit.
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Glad to hear that Motowoz is taking care of you. As for BDT, are you at least in communication with them assuming they still have all of your parts?

It’s a good thing that you figured out the front brake caliper issue. I imagine that could have done some damage to the caliper or disc, or worse locked up the front wheel while riding, if you didn’t.

I’m interested to see what you find when measuring the toe differences and how it changes over the travel. I’ve never measured, but my red 250R with LSR arms and 86 spindles is pretty bad just by looking at it. Depending on what you find, do you think you will try different geometry components (spindles, etc.) to improve bump steer?
BDT phone goes straight to voicemail also tried Facebook messenger which they’ve responded to me before but nothing yet. I will try harder tomorrow to get into contact.
That’s not good. You’re not the first person to have issues with BDT… I’ll send you a PM.

Like already mentioned, a stabilizer is a GAME CHANGER.
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I should have made modifications to the frame like you did to mount my Precision stabilizer, but I couldn’t let myself grind on fresh powder. I found a position where it sat really flat and then tightened the bolts equally back and forth until torqued to spec. Hopefully it works out🤞🏻 Mine is also an 86 and mounted to the rear.
Yes that hurt but saw no way around it. I was very careful with the dremel with a small cut off and a bur type bit. I need to go back and put some paint where I cut that nut.
You definitely did a really nice job, it came out great.
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