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Dear all members…
I have purchased new engine motor of an Atc250r 85/86 years back from university tech department through eBay, back then I have decided to send it to ESR to build me the great machine that am reading about and wanted to ride for many years of savings, patience and faith in 250r known builders…long story short am expecting my engine to be completed / ready years back but never seen it only in pictures by ESR that was sent to me earlier and since those pictures I never heared back from Eddie although I called a lot / sent so many emails but I did get any reply…kindly guide me how to reach out for Eddie or if you know him please share his contact or address with me.

Am all the way residing in Dubai,UAE if you ever wondered why I didn’t reach him physically, but plans are on to visit the USA…

your positive comments / questions are welcomed and please be helpful as much as you can

My unseen dream photos:

thanks 250r brothers


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