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This is from the old forum, but I am trying to get things rolling over here, so I thought i would post it up. This bike was in the running for December QOTM, but got beat out by Hanninovj's bike. He has a wicked paint job!

I would beat him though! :p :p

-1988 OEM Stock Frame P/C Honda Red
-Dave Moore Racing Drag-Lite A-arms
-Lonestar Steering Stem
-JJ&A 3 Spoke Wheels all the way around
-JJ&A Smooth Buff Tires
-Maxxis 4-Snows on 3 Spoke Rims
-10 Paddle Triple Buff Ultralight Haulers on 3 Spoke Rims
-Chrome Footpegs
-Dave Moore Racing +6 Swing-arm
-Marvin Shaw Shocks all the way around
-JJ&A Axle with polished hubs and 3 Spoke Wheel Hubs
-White Fullbore race cut plastic with Custom Vinyl Graphics (red fading into chrome flames)
-Low Cut Seat with Black Coffin Tuck Velvet seat cover

-ESR CR 250 Ignition
-ESR 370 Kit (Pro-X 350 Cylinder, OEM ESR +5 Mil Stroked Crank)
-ESR TRX 11 Porting w/ Packard clean-up porting
-ESR TRX 11 Center Mount Pipe + Silencer
-ESR Cool Head
-V-Force 1 Reed Cage w/Billet spacer
-UPP Intake
-Minuki TM Taperbored 42/44 MM Gas Carb
-ESR Air Filter Kit
-Chromed Quick Change Clutch Cover with Polished Cover
-Polished Stator Cover
-Polished Kick Starter
-Chromed Brake Lever
-Polished Pro Design Shifter
-Sidewinder Ti-Moly Sprockets and Chain
-PWR Aluminum Radiator

Motor went 4.667 on motor, no nos. 112 VP with no additives. No override, 200 pound rider.

-Motor is currently apart getting the cases and cylinder polished and more work by Packard. New sleeve (KTM 380 sleeve) allows me to run KTM flat top piston. Similar set-up ran 4.12 in a stock frame!

-Bike now has +8 Dave Moore Racing chrome swing-arm and shaved rear plastics.


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That thing is a work of art! What kind of power does/will it make with the KTM piston?
The TRX 11 370R stroker makes around 72-75 HP w/clean-up porting. That motor went 4.6 in 300'

The new Packard 380R will probably make around 82-87 HP, I am not using the 370 cylinder, this is a another one with all work done by Packard (KTM Sleeve, piston) and it has extensive welding and reshaping as well as porting. This will be a stock stroke also with a KTM rod. My cases will also have some tricks. The cylinder I currently have went 4.1's a few years ago in 300'

Using the KTM rod/flat top piston with the sleeve makes this motor extremely reliable. Most are aware that the Pro-X 370's strokers are ticking time bombs simply because of the rod angle of using a stroked long rod crank.


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that is sick. the best part is that there are 2chevys and a gmc in the pics with the R
Right on! My family owns Chevrolet Buick Pontiac GMC dealership, so I am kind of diehard. My uncles are both Chevrolet dealers, as well as my cousin. I guess you can say it is in the blood.
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