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Here is what I got,

86 250R with the following...

FMF fatty pipe with power core II silencer
Vforce Reeds
Uni filter with factory box and lid on
32:1 with Maxima 927 oil
stock motor and carb
170lbs of compression
gas mix 50/50 using 92 oct with track tek 110 race gas

I run between 50-75F at 400ft+/- elv.

main is a 140 and the needle clip is on the 4th groove.

Top end seems fine but low-midrange is very choppy and i cannot figure it out. If I hold it half throttle and cruze it will not run smooth, jerking and stumbling. Also the carb idle adjustment is not very consistent to changes and the air screw doesn't seem to make any difference 1 3/4- 2-1/2 turns out.

I just got the quad about three weeks ago so I am trying to get a starting point.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

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hold the throttle in the mid range and ride on straight and flat ground for a good distance. kill the motor and pull the clutch in till it stops rolling, don't let off the throttle till it stops rolling. now get off and look at the plug.
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