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So i have deceided im going to take an extended break from the sport for a while and am going to sell off a few things that are taking up space. Iv deceided to part with my McCoy 370 pro cross motor. This motor has been in the mid 60's at Sand Mountain Nevada and has gone 4.18 in 300ft in my strutted hill bike with a 150lbs rider. It runs 4.3 with me on it and im 195lbs. Anyone who has seen this motor run will back me up! It has the following:

Polished Pro Cross cylinder Ported by Nate
Polished Billet Head
Polished Cases
Sherear Chrome drag pipe
44mm Packard lectron with billet bowl
CR Ignition
DD Lock up and Cover
2-4 Over ride
V force reeds
Air Filter

Basically everything you need to bolt in your bike and win with!

$2500 plus the ride

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