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Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

Frame: Arens Brothers
A Arms: Houser +3 +1 Long travel
Swingarm: Houser
Steering Stem: Lonestar +1 +1
Stabilizer: Denton Adjustable
Axle: Lonestar adjustable +2 - +4
Carrier: Magnum Dual Row
Locknut: Lonestar anti-fade
Hubs F|R: Front Light Speed Racing Billet
Rear Stock
Bars: Renthal
Throttle/Clutch Lever: Moose racing billet thumb throttle, RTC clutch lever, RTC front brake lever
Nerfs: X-Factor
Bumper: AC
Grab Bar: AC grab bar
Front Shocks: TCS longtravel
Rear Shock: TCS
Brake Lines: Gafler stainless
Rotors F|R: Stock
Rims F|R: Douglas Billet center single beadlock front/ Douglas billet center 8x8 beadlock rear
Tires F|R: Grooved Radials 20x6-10 front Grooved Turf Tamer 18x 9.5-8 rear


Plastic: Fullbore Orange Race cut
Graphics|Seat Cover: Custom.. made by Cosmic Quads
Fuel Tank: Stock.. Fullbore Chrome Cover
Seatcover: Custom... by Cosmic Quads

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: ESR 265 PV nikasil
Carburetor: PWK 38 Air striker Boyesen RAD Valve, carbon reeds
Air Filter|Box: Stainless open airbox...K&N filter,
Pipe|Silencer: Curtiss Sparks TT pipe.. Sparks Silencer
Clutch|Plates: Stock with 89 clutch update kit
Gearing F|R: 14/39

Ignition: Stock ignition... machined lightened flywheel

Ignitioncover: Stock polished


Billet brake line clamps,
Motoquad billet gas cap and short vent
Billet shorty shifter
Billet rear master cylinder guard
Powermadd Hand Guards
Pro design kill switch and tether
Roll Design Wide Race pegs
Rear Billet Seat Latch
TM Design Works Chain Slider, Roller
Billet Case Saver
Aluminum Shrouds and Radiator Louvers
Spider Grips
Billet inline Cooler
New Case Halves with all new bearings

Still to come:
Goforitgraphics kit and number plates
Full body AC skid plate
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Hi im new here and i bought my R 2 years ago, and about 1 year into owning it i got tired of pulling the top end for work or having some screwy little problem with the engine (counter balancer bearing carrier).

So about 5 months ago i decided to convert my R into a hybird crf450 quad but i said i was gonna do it without buying a chassi and without converting over to the cr500 linkage.

I was able to put the motor in the frame without cutting anything off the origional frame except the old bottom mounts. I dont know how you guys feel about ditching the 2stroke but so far ive had 5 awesome rides on it with ZERO problems, and i was just wanting some feedback on what you think about it.


1100R radiator used with fan

2005 crf450 motor with sparks porting

trx450R header

yz450f muffler

custom made intake

all was done for under 1500 bucks including buying the engine.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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