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Maier rear fenders install

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My BIL bought maier rear fenders for his 85. The original fenders have the support wire and there are molded slots in the rear fenders for the ends of the support wire.

the Maier fenders do not have the molded slots and do not come with any support wire. Maier sends “brackets” and when I called they suggest that you modified the original support wire and then attached with the brackets to the rear fenders.
Is any one having success installing a support wire? I suspect that most people are leaving the support wire off altogether because what Maier suggest doesn’t seem very doable.

Anyone here using these Maier replacements and what if any rare you doing about a support wire?
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@sandmainac (or anyone else) Could you post more photos of the stock rod as it follows the shape of the fenders? I do not have a rod so I am going to have to make one myself before installing the Maier L brackets and would like to get the rod as close as I can to the stock shape.
Is this what you’re looking for? I can get more/better pics if you’d like. The rod diameter measures 0.25”. Also, I found these black plastic end caps to add to the rod ends. It’s helps the rod stay more secure in the OEM fenders; not sure if that matters on Maier.
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