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Maier race cut

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I recently picked up a set of plastics and have been unable to find a picture of a bike with them on they look like this

White Product Red Font Gesture
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A friend had a set of these on his 88 back around 1990. Sadly his were pink but his R was fast so it embarrassed alot of people, including whoever was riding I have the low profile rears in white that I got in a parts lot. There still undrilled & never mounted.
Yep same one's only white. The tops of the fenders are basically even with the bottom of the seat pan.. Not my favorite look which is why I never used the one's I have.
There generally for the flat track guys I believe & your right about them being lower in an attempt to allow the rider to move around more & tuck in tighter.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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