LSR sport style +2 +1 a arms
Upper arms powdered red lowers powdered white. Powdercoating is still in good shape. Arms have no dents or bends. Just scrapes on the bottom of the lower arms.
One ball joint boot has a minor rip, but the ball joints have no play in them at all.
All a arm bushings and upper heims still in great shape, no play. Not too much riding time on these.
Comes with red streamline +2 brake lines, LSR stainless +2 tie rod links (no ends) 600 + shipping

87 front spindles + hubs & rotors, theyre spray painted gray but in good shape. Wheel bearings still in good shape, rotors straight not bent. 100+ shipping

87 calipers no leaks, still works as should. Could use some cleaning. 120 + shipping

I can send more detailed pics if u need.

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