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I'm working on a build and I need some direction on the correct linkage setup to use and which skid plate to order.

I have the following components available:
  • 86 stock frame
  • LSR 86/87 style swingarm -1" length (stock 88/89 length)
  • 86 shock (PEP mod by SF Racing)
  • 86 complete linkage
  • 88 complete linkage
Question 1: What linkage should I run with this setup? It appears that the 88 dog bone is ~1" shorter than the 86 dog bone, otherwise the linkages are identical.

Question 2: Since this is an 86/87 style swingarm, but 88/89 length, which swingarm skid plate should I order? The rear bolt holes (near carrier) are 3-7/8" center to center; front bolt holes are 5-1/16" center to center; and the bolt hole length from front to rear is 12-5/8". I chatted with Dan from Pro-Tect Fabrications and based on these dimensions he suggested that the 88/89 swingarm skid plate would be the right fit. But then we got talking about linkages and how they may impact the skid plates that he makes. That said, I was hoping to better understand the answer to Question 1 first to be able to determine the specific skid plate to order.

Any information that you can provide would be appreciated.

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