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True adrenaline junkies who own powerful all-terrain vehicles cannot sit around without taking their machines for a spin and race in the desert or woods. It is hard to imagine something more exciting than off-road adventures along with your friends, but safety should always come first, and group riding and racing may be dangerous because of limited visibility on uneven terrain when your vehicle’s lights are blocked by the hill crest, dirt, or dust.

To make your ATV more visible to your buddies or competitors in any riding conditions, you can use a fairly simple but effective accessory – the LED Whip by Lumen. It features a bright-colored flag on the top of the 6-foot flexible whip that makes your vehicle visible on a bright sunny day. You can continue riding safely after dark by turning on the multicolor LED strip that also has a wireless remote control regulating brightness, color, and flashing patterns.

Lumen® RGBWHIP6 - 72" Remote Controlled Multicolor LED Whip at

Light source: multicolor LEDs
Whip length: 72"
Construction: flexible
Includes: wireless remote control

Ultra-bright multicolor display
Easy customization using a wireless remote control
20 different colors, 21 flashing modes, brightness adjustment
Simple plug and play installation
Durable, shock-resistant and weather-proofed construction

If you have used similar accessories before, feel free to share your thoughts in this thread. For more information, please visit
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