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Post pics and mod list here!
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Here goes: 1987 trx 370r

1986 powdercoated frame
+2 +1 lonestar arms
elka duners front and rear
new skat traks on black itp's
steel braided lines
new front and rear bumper (ebay)
+3 aerotube swingarm
+3 durablue axle
lonestar bearing carrier
motionpro twist throttle
tag c.r. high bend bars
lazerstar HID'S
fullbore plastic
quadtech seat cover w/ soft foam
clarke tank
new bolt kit

steering stem
frame (obviously)
a lot of little misc. stuff

370 built by phoenix custom
+4 mm stroker
kx500 reed cage welded in
boyesen reedcage
38 airstryker carb
200 watt ricky stator
billet timing advance
FTZ fatty pipe n' silencer
uni filter
runnin 110 racegas

there's more but I cant remember it all.

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Post pics and mod list here!
is december qotm done? I didn't see the results as the new site it up?

EDIT: Hanninovj won December QOTM, Nice bike man
yah its done, i put his image on the homepage.
yah its done, i put his image on the homepage.

WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!
Nice looking duner you have there dunemobbster, I love the color scheme!
WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!
Congrats on the win, love the paint job! Kinda looks like my old SSR 350 paint:

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Frame: 88 stock
A Arms: +2 houser lt
Swingarm: lonestar
Steering Stem: rpm
Stbilizer: pep Axle: lonestar
Carrier: rpm
Locknut: durablue
Hubs F|R: stock 86
Bars: o neil
Throttle/Clutch Lever: stock 86 / fly quick adjust
Grips: oury
Nerfs: ac
Bumper: ac
Grab Bar: ac
Front Shocks: pep zps lt
Rear Shock: pep zps
Rotors F|R: stock
Rims F|R: douglas billet center
Tires F|R: holeshot f / quadcross r


Plastic: f/ motoforce r/ fullbore
Graphics|Seat Cover: one ind
Number Backgrounds: nacs
Fuel Tank: stock

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: ct 350 pv / billet
Bore & Stroke: 78mm/72mm
Carburetor: 38mm a/s
Air Filter|Box: k&n / stock
Pipe|Silencer: lrd big bore

Other:radiator shroulds / rpm all chrome by perfection plating
all power coating by superior
coating Nash Tn

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dannnnnngg them quads are sooo sick...
lmao i love your signature pic.
oldschool - that's a nice ride! was it that shiny after being polished and put together, or does it stay that shiny even after you race and wash it?

Teddy - I was going with something along those lines. What kind of numbers did that bike put up and whats the motor? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're on PS too? I had Marc Hernandez paint it up......I wanted something little since they're on one of my play bikes and I didn't want to worry about hitting branches...etc - and the design turned out like was probably the beer thinking in us.
Thanks havinnoj, and no it doesnt stay that way.. i spend a lot of time on it, and it mostly sees sand.. dont race anymore.
Is it too late to get mine in for January?

Frame: 1987 OEM TRX250R
A Arms: +3 Walsh Race Craft Standard Travel
Swingarm: OEM
Steering Stem: LSR
Carrier: LSR Billet Twin Row
Locknut: LSR Anti-Fade
Hubs F|R: OEM 1987
Bars: Tag Fat Bars CR High Bend
Throttle/Clutch Lever: OEM (Polished) / DRS Adjustable
Grips: Scott
Pegs: Walsh Race Craft Custom Double Wide Kickups
Bumper: IMS Intimidator
Grab Bar: AC Racing
Front Shocks: Custom Axis Dual Rate Fully Adjustable
Rear Shock: Custom Axis Dual Rate Fully Adjustable
Rotors F|R: Braking|Braking
Rims F|R: ITP T-9 Pro Rolled Lip|Hipers
Tires F|R: Kenda Klaw MX 20" | Kenda Klaw MX 18"


Plastic: Maier Standard Front | Maier Standard Rear | Maier Vented Hood
Graphics|Seat Cover: Custom
Fuel Tank: Clarke Natural Color

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: Duncan Racing 265cc
Carburetor: Keihn 38mm Air Stryker
Air Filter|Box: ESR Airbox Eliminator
Pipe|Silencer: ESR Center Mount Pipe and TRX5 Pipe

Happy Holidays,
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Voting already started. wouldnt be fair to the others to re-start. Sick R though, def post it up next month!!!
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