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if your brakes dont work after you bleed them...

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i put new brake calipers an pump on my quad one time but i didnt replace the line i bled them over an over for like an hour then looked at the line an it was expanding every time i hit the brake. i hope this helps someone.
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:eek: :unsure: :mellow:
please explain in greater detail as to what your getting at. i r as cornfused as a baby at a wet T contest. :unsure:
i think he's saying his brake lines were shot, and even though he had fixed the brake system, it still didnt work since the lines just expanded. he is recommending that folks check their brake lines along with the other usual suspects...i think anyway.
I always throw the rubber brakes lines away and replace them with the steel braided lines. If you keep a close eye on ebay you can pick them up cheap. Over the last few years I have bought 3 sets of steel braided lines for less than $5.00 each. Heck, the shipping was more than the brake lines.
yea i hear ya svahle but i dont throw em away tho. i still got all my originals hanging on the wall. i opt to have a local custom build my first set of stainless lines. that was before i became internet savvy lol

but, A.Mulhall#43. if what you mention is in regard to glogged OEM lines. you are spot on about that. they clog like arteries
please explain in greater detail as to what your getting at. i r as cornfused as a baby at a wet T contest. :unsure:
I'd like to be that baby ...........
yeah im talkin about oem lines i didnt think they would expand like that. jsut making should no one has to wast time an $$$ on dumb stuff like that i replaced everything but the line an pump lol
most guys who have rebuilt/modded R's know about that ...
BTW "gravity" bleeding works real well if ya know how..& mity vac kit / tool is ok ..I have done both ..
& gravity bleeding is easiest ..takes more time tho

no offense intened here ..
some of your posts need rereading /editing ,please make them more understandable
I've got a way to get the best braking possible, and it doesn't take hardly any time. loosen the screws on the resivor cap alittle, then pump the brakes up, and hold the lever. Then wrap a bungie or use some zip ties so the lever stays it. Come back the next day, tighten the resivor screw, and enjoy your new improved brakes!
lol your right ill start making sure i read before i post
i was always suspicious of this :lol:
yeah its true as hell
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