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i have found 2 r's for sale in my area. now wich one?

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the red one has fmf fatty, works front valved for 10 pounds under my weight, the rear was rebuilt recently, newer maier plastic dont care for the hood or seat cover, the engine has prolly 40 hours on it and he has ran belray at 32:1. he is asking 2500 obo and its an 86

the white one has fmf fatty aswell, works valved for my weight that have 4 rides, the rear shock was rebuilt by baldwin and has about 15 rides, it has nerfs and the 88 hood and light. the engine has 10 - 15 hours on it complete rebuild with new oem crank, it also comes with a slew of other parts, rear plastic, all stock parts he replaced he has owned it since 93, ran klotz r50 at 40:1, rad valve with new carbon reeds. he is asking 3000 firm wont budge its an 87

i have more pics if anyone would like to see them.
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If you get the cheaper one & decide to change the shocks, Baldwins not that far from you & should have Works vavling + hes probably got a bunch of 250r stuff as well.
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