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I guess I will get this section started

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I figured I would get the ball rolling in this section. Here are some pics of me from the past couple years.

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I got a little too comfortable doing tricks a few months ago. I got seperated from my banshee about 20ft off the ground and that put an end to freestyle for a while. Im starting to get back in to it a little now though.

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you have my sympathy for the scrapes. i hate it when i do that. they ooze and stick to your pants for weeks. i would rather get torn open, than those stupid scrapes. nice superman too. B)
Yeah showers for two weeks sucked ass.
You need to get some new fmx pics on your R once you get it fixed
I will be riding it on my track this weekend. I built a 70ft freestyle jump that should send me pretty high. Its got a real steep face and I havnt hit it yet. I will either get some awesome pics or I will have a broke R again.
hey DDQ those pics look better over in the hq. JK Banshees are fun but I LOVE my 250r.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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