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I am having a little trouble here...

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Well, I am graduating from college in May and starting my new job and also moving from my parents house the village to my own house in the country, so I am contemplating buying a UTV. I have about a hundred acres of land to play with. I am having a hard time coming to terms with buying anything other than a Honda. I realize that the 2009 Honda Big Red UTV is coming out, but to be honest it looks like a turd with little suspension travel, looks heavy as hell, smaller motor than the others. What do others think? Any insights?

So what should I do? I really like the 2008 Rhino with the flat black carbon fiber plastic and ghost flames. I also like the Polaris RZR. My loyalty is with Honda, but the thing is downright ugly. What do you guys think?

Teddy :lol:
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get the rzr i rode one it was a blast its expensive though$$$$$. mods are endless. the yamaha is only so so stock and it is expensive to mod
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