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Finally after much stalling(and downloading firefox) B) Im ready to write this lil how-to.
This same procedure is in the service manual so any problems you can check in there.
The only real problem I had was removing the compression need a special tool,
I made my own, so good luck!

First thing you need to do is remove the shock from your quad, remove the spring, and RELEASE THE

Next You need to remove the oil line connecting the rezzy to the shock. Before you do this notice on the banjo fittings there is a small mark that lines up w/ the casting line on the shock body. Also a small mark that lines up w/ a small "tab" on the rezzy body. Once you realize how the line is indexed to the rezzy, shock body pull it off.

Next remove the compression adjuster knob, careful of the 2 small detent balls and springs.

Now you either need to make a tool or find a spanner wrench that'll work. I made a tool.

Remove the compression adjuster, the spring, the small shims, and valve. The valve might be stuck in the rezzy body.

Next step is optional, I removed the N2 bladder by using a large socket a pressing down the bladder to expose the c-clip.

remove c-clip and pull bladder out.(this is tricky w/o the special tool)

Finish removing the valve seat if you havent yet(I used compressed air) and clean the rezzy and components.

Take shock body and pump the shaft to get all the oil out. clamp in vise.

You need to remove sealhead cover, use a chisel or drift to remove sealhead cover from shock body.
Once sealhead is exposed you need to press sealhead down to expose the c-clip, remove c-clip.

Pull shaft w/ piston assembly from shock body. clean everything.

This is the piston assy and shaft.

Once everything is clean and your ready to assemble get your shock fluid. The service manual sez ATF fluid, but Honda makes a suspension fluid called SS-7 5w that superseudes the manuals ATF fluid reccomendation. One bottle is all your need.
Lube the hell out of the piston and sealhead and install into shock body. push seal head down enough to install c-clip. Pull on shaft to bring sealhead tight against clip.
Install sealhead cover.

Clamp shock in vise @ 70 degree angle w/ oil line hole pointing up, and shock shaft fully extended.

The angle is important, otherwise youll get air trapped in the shock body. Fill the shock with oil until it overflows.

Damn I just realize what time it is I gotta go to work!!! Ill finish this 2nite!!
Time too finish this!!

After you fill the shock body w/ oil grab shock while keeping oil line hole pointing up tilt the shock in directions burp all air, top off oil.

Install rezzy oil line w/ notch on banjo fitting lined up w/ casting line on shock body torque to 20 ft-lbs
take a container(an ratio-rite works perfect) fill half way w/ shock oil and place opened end of rezzy oil line into oil and slowly push shock shaft in and out until all air is purged from shock body and rezzy line. Pull shock shaft out to draw oil into shock body, you want shock and rezzy oil line full of oil. Pull oil line out of your container of oil and keep oil line pointing dont want any fluid to escape, place some where out of the way.

Now grab the fully cleaned rezzy, if you pulled the bladder out reinstall it. Use shock oil to lube bladder and insert into rezzy body. press it down enough to expose the c-clip groove, install c-clip. I like to add a couple psi of N2 to bladder after I install it to help expand it inside rezzy body.

Grab rezzy and hold @ 45 degree angle, add some oil into compression adjuster hole. Tilt the rezzy body in all direction to help bleed the air. once all air is out you can install the compression adjuster seat.

Now the fun part!! Hold the rezzy in you rleft hand. With the compression adjuster hole pointing up and place your thumb over the oil line hole. Place the compresion adjuster valve, shims and spring unto the seat in the rezzy. Now fill the compression adjuster hole with shock oil to the top and install the compression adjuster, use your special tool and tighten.
Now place the rezzy upright and fill the oil line hole w/ oil to the top. Grab the shock and install oil line to rezzy w/ banjo fitting, verify notch on banjo fitting lines up w/ tab on rezzy body.

Torque to 20 ft-lbs, install compression adjustor knob and detent balls and springs. and fill w/ nitrogen!

1986= 284-327 psi
1987-1989= 142-185 psi

Make sure you have no leaks and reinstall onto quad.
I hope I gave enough detail any questions Ill try to answer, If anybody wants to add to this go ahead!
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