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i have an 87 trx250r. freshly powdercoated stock frame, +3 A-Arms, +4 axle, maier race cut plastics, tether rip cord, holeshots, stock swingarm, nacs racing seat, aftermarket rims, 400ex shocks Ac nerf bars, Ac grab bar, Ac bumper, All the electrical in good Con. Stock radiator in good condition, Stock gastank good condition, and Keihin carb. NO MOTOR. NO RUST. MINT CONDITION. how much do u think it would be worth. and how much do u think it would be worth with a .40 motor with full fmf exhaust on it.

I know there are no pics but by hearing how it sounds what would u guys think it would be worth.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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