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Originally posted by 2R's in the old forum.

1st go to's main page
then hit the site
then it will open your pics on your computer
next you select the pic you want , click open at the bottom of that screen
when you click open the pic automatically goes to the tinypic site , click
upload image ...wait for a few seconds (most of time )
& where it said title (middle box) you will find the link for the pic you have downloaded it now says IMG code "copy" that link by left clicking the link ,... like any other "copy"
now go back to your thread & "PASTE" the copied link in the add reply box on the site
check to see the link looks the same as on tinypic ...if so submit it here
You can also use, it is a free hosting website.

The new forum also has an attachment section, so when you are creating a new thread or reply you can attach the pictures saved on your desktop or documents directly to a thread, by clicking browse, selecting the photo, and then clicking upload. You will see this section labeled "Attachments" right below the typing window.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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