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home made arms...+2 or +3

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i was contemplating the idea of make some plus 2 or plus 3 arms for my trx250r. the only thing is i want it wider and not want to move it forward like a +2 +1 kit. i think i would base them off the stock arms and incorporate better materials. i plan to use 4130 chromo of the same thickness and size as stock. just i want my 250 to be a bit wider and i dont want to dump 2000 dollars on a kit when i think i could make a simple one for way less and uise the things i have lying around. i know this could be dangerous but i have plenty of mentors to guide me and i would like to start a project like this because it seems to be simple enough and not as complex as teh sand rail me and my pops are building.what measurements wopuld i need to take into consideration and what ball joints or heims would you guys recomend? thansk and this again is for a senior project which is required for me to graduate and this seems like a more tangable thing todo than try to build another sand rial by myself.
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^^well if you have stock wheels, stock wheels are 4.5:1.5 so that would make it narrower.
i had arms previously that were heims at all 6 points i had to replace them every season which added up to 0 ball joints at the spindles would still be simple enough to use and they would last much much longer.

you could base your jig loosely on your stock arms, but remember your shock mount needs to stay the same distance from the frame. so your adding 2-3 inches on the spindle side of the shock mount. extrapolate your arms out 3 inches, and see where and how the two lines intersect.
Stock Honda wheels are 10x5.5, 4+1.5.
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